Pre-listing Inspections

Our qualified and highly trained team members serve the Jacksonville community with our valuable pre-listing home inspections. Before you place your home on the market, be informed about the condition of its various systems and structures. Schedule online now or call Residential Inspector of America at (904) 590-1306 to get an instant quote

What Is a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing home inspection is a thorough review and detailed assessment of your home’s structural and mechanical systems. With advanced equipment and expert knowledge, we carefully inspect each area of your home, including:

Exterior structures

Doors, windows, gutters, downspouts, siding, trim, deck, landings, chimney, roof, crawl space, foundation, sidewalks, and driveways

Interior structures

Floors, walls, ceiling, doors, windows, kitchen appliances, attic along with ventilation and insulation, foundation, basement, and all non-cosmetic items.

Electrical components

Visible wiring, wall outlets, light fixtures and switches, GFCIs, service rating, main disconnect, main panel box, and main service cable.

Plumbing systems

Toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, hot water heater, piping, and venting.

HVAC equipment

Heating and cooling units, supply and return ducts, room registers, and returns.

Valuable Inspection Benefits

Our pre-listing home inspection services educate and inform homeowners so they have the confidence needed to make real estate decisions that are right for them. In addition to discovering the true condition of your home, you will experience these benefits with a pre-listing inspection from RIA:

  • Have your home inspected on your time, not the buyer’s.
  • Give yourself time to collect multiple repair estimates
Jacksonville Florida Pre-listing Home Inspections

Top Reasons to Choose Us

Most reviewed inspection company in the country with over 6000 Google reviews.

Over 20,000 home inspections conducted involving $2+ billion in real estate each year.

250,000 inspections completed since 1989.

Expert knowledge you need to make confident real estate decisions.

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All-Inclusive Pre-Listing Home Inspections in Jacksonville

RIA proudly serves Jacksonville and the nearby areas of Florida including St. Augustine with our detailed pre-listing home inspections. Choose us for all your property evaluation needs including 4-point inspections, reinspections, complete home inspections, commercial inspections, and more. Discover several common home issues that are of concern to home buyers and sellers. Learn more about our team by reviewing our frequently asked questions. Call (904) 590-1306 to get an instant quote or schedule online now.

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